Procrastination Nation

I procrastinate more than anyone I’ve ever met! I always find writing on these things a little tedious at best. I mean, who logs on and reads other people’s thoughts about things? Apparently millions of people. I don’t read too many others. I have a few friends that have blogs – bobgaotu below – check it out – he is pretty entertaining to say the least and updates his blog daily – or thereabouts.

When I am sufficiently motivated, when the topic is about politics, religion, human rights violations or some other topic that I find intensely difficult to walk away from, I can write till the cows come home.

I think my problem is the whole I can’t believe someone will read this mentality – so why write it? I do write on another blog site that gets hundreds of responses to things I write. Maybe I can pull them all over here.  I don’t like my chances. But hey, you never know.

~ by leslifeson on July 25, 2008.

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