The Dark Knight

Originally, I was supposed to go on opening night with a bunch of my mates, but because I had to have my wisdom tooth out, I wasn’t feeling up to it, and so, sadly I gave it a miss.

Of course I was spewing. I had been waiting for at least a 18 months since I heard it was in production. Go figure, I had to go have a tooth pulled on the day! That’s the sort of luck that I have.

So anyway, enough belly aching – I saw the movie on Saturday and I can tell you now, it was well worth the wait. The best film of the year so far, I can’t think of anything that has already come out this year that can touch it, nor anything that is due to come out…but i’ve been proven wrong before…we’ll see….

So there I was sitting in the theatre, all by myself, because all my friends had already seen it, and my wife was busy entertaining one of her friends that had come down for the weekend. I tried to convince them that they wanted to go with me – but to no avail – even when I offered to pay for her friends ticket – no go. Oh well..too bad for them!

Ungrateful little…

Anyway, I went to see it by myself, which looking back in hindsight, wasn’t that bad after all. 15 minutes into the movie, and I was sitting there stunned. Heath Ledger had made his introduction, and I can honestly say, I was blown away. It was a tour-de-force of acting ability. He held the screen to ransom. You couldn’t take your eyes off of him. He had completely transformed himself into the Joker. No traces of Heath were left behind for the nitpicking viewer to criticise over. He was the Joker.  It’s good to see an actor taking a role so seriously and having it pay off.

Anyway, needless to say, I was spellbound by his performance – and the movie wasn’t too bad either!

The Dark Knight is a great film. I don’t know if it will win any awards on its own – but the Academy would have to have rocks in their heads when March rolls around at Oscar time not to at the very least have nominated Heath. It’s simply that good. But don’t take my word for it, if you haven’t seen it, go see it ASAP. As far as a money maker goes – it’s already fasttracking itself on the road to doing what they said could never be done again – making as much money at the Box Office as Titanic did way back in 1997.

There is no comparison between the two movies. TDK kicks it ass all over the silver screen.

Well, i’ve done my part. I’ve helped cement its status among the greatest films by seeing it twice! Yes, once my wife’s friend had gone home, my wife said she would go with me. And earlier this evening  was that day. I can honestly say that seeing it for the second time, really made me appreciate it even more. I was able to enjoy it without being “wowed” so much that I sat there dumbfounded in awe.

Christopher Nolan – the man who directed it should be nominated for Best Director. He handled all the scenes in this movie with a flair that veteran directors have. He’s been around for a few years, but he has come a long way. So with any luck at all, the movie will get nominated for Best Director – Chris Nolan, and Best Supporting Actor – Heath Ledger.

I’m not sure how many posthumous Oscars have ever been handed out, but it needs to be done. His performance is simply stunning. It’s so sad to think that someone that talented will never get to show how good he truly could have been. The world has lost one of its finest acting talents, and from what I hear from his peers, a great bloke to match.

Matilda will be proud of her dad when she grows up. When she is old enough to see this movie (and not have it scare the living crap out of her), she will be able to see how talented her father was. It will be interesting to hear her talk about him 20 years from now, and what she thought when she first saw The Dark Knight.

So anyway, that’s my prediction about Oscar. Here it is, the 29th of July – and it’s going to be written in stone, once I press publish. I wonder how close I am come next March? Time will tell. I have a long string of being right in the past. I successfully predicted The Departed, and it won.

Time will tell…

~ by leslifeson on July 29, 2008.

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